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Scheduling service for your septic tank in Beaumont, Texas, is easy when you choose our team of experienced septic technicians. Sure there are plenty of septic tank pumping companies, but why not work with the best?  They say the grass is always greener over the septic tank, but the cost and damage of a leaky system can erode any garden-fertilizing benefits. Septic tank service keeps septic systems sealed and free of odors and soil contaminants.

Beaumont Septic has been around for decades handling all sorts of septic services for homeowners and business owners.  Our prices are competitive and our staff is very friendly.  We realize that no one likes spending money on crap, so we are quick and professional getting your job done right.

Septic Pumping

As you may or may not know if you’ve just moved into a home with a septic tank, a tank is a miniature sewage treatment facility.  All the water and sewage from your home passes through your septic tank. Septic tanks are used where there is no centralized sewage connection.  It is important to know the local septic companies in your area.

The waste and water from your home enter the tank, and heavy solids sink to the bottom. Oils, proteins, and fats float to the top. The area in the middle, which is called gray water, is what drains into the drainage field.  This is where it is absorbed into the ground and recycled the natural way. When the sludge layer on the bottom builds up to the point where it can enter the drainage pipes, it must be pumped out. Call the best septic tank pumping service in Beaumont (409) 239-0196

Large particles of waste can clog pipes and become trapped in the leach field’s gravel. This prevents the absorption of the wastewater. Over time, the field begins to smell like raw sewage, which it is and causes flooding. The cleanup costs alone is much more than the cost of septic tank pumping.

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The septic tank system treats sewage in much the same way as full-scale treatment plants. However, parts wear out.  Septic systems spring leaks and the water that filters through becomes trapped because of clogs. Periodically, the sludge that collects in the bottom of the tank needs to be pumped out by septic contractors.

Call Beaumont Septic for your local septic tank cleaning and prevent future blockages.

We understand that septic tanks aren’t at the top of your list of trendy social topics. That’s why we try to make our pumping service, maintenance program and emergency repairs as painless and professional as possible. We have more than 10 years of experience, and we’re a locally owned family business. Most homeowners don’t understand everything involved with maintaining septic tanks, but our services could save you many thousands of dollars by increasing the life expectancy of your system and proactively preventing breaches. Call us today if you need a Septic Service Near Me.

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Septic Services

Beaumont Septic Systems

How often do you need to schedule service? What is the cost to pump out a septic tank?  Unfortunately, we can’t provide a one-size-fits-all answer. Your maintenance strategy depends on the number of people in your home. The type of system that you have also makes a difference. We’re experienced in servicing all types of systems including conventional systems and aerobic systems.  Call us today if you need your septic tank pumped!

Our septic service includes septic tank pumping, septic jetting, tank cleaning, tank repairs and installation of new septic systems. We’re licensed, bonded and insured for your protection, and our local team consists of your friends and neighbors. We’re held accountable in the Beaumont community for friendly customer service, professional behavior, and efficient work. We won’t leave a mess because you don’t have to take that kind of crap.

Our Septic Services:

Septic System Repairs

We work on most septic tanks and systems including concrete, stainless steel, plastic, and fiberglass. Neglect shortens the life expectancy of any system, but most systems last 40 years or more. Stainless steel tanks only last from 10 to 20 years. However, special components–such as effluent pumps, septic media, filters, sand-bed filtration and grinder pumps wear out more frequently.

Septic Maintenance

We recommend getting an inspection at least once a year. Regular maintenance prevents all kinds of problems because our technicians can spot things that need to be repaired or replaced before your tank fails. Tree roots can be a big problem because they can penetrate or damage pipes and tanks.

Septic Cleaning and Septic Pumping

We can inspect your system and determine a schedule for septic tank cleaning and pumping, septic jetting and grease-trap cleaning at reasonable prices. You have a choice in whom you hire, and our services offer the best in customer service at a fair price. We’re known for our integrity, local roots in Beaumont and honest, professional service. 


When you call us, you don’t get a truck driver without experience but a seasoned professional who knows the job. We serve areas of Beaumont and Jefferson County including Vidor, Nederland, Port Neches, Lumberton, Port Arthur, Orange, and Liberty.

Filter and Baffle Replacement

Your filters are critical, so it’s important to inspect them to ensure that they remain in good working order. Baffles in steel septic tanks lose their ability to filter waste solids because of the accumulation of rust in steel tanks.

Septic Installation

If you live in a wet area near a stream or creek, your property could be prone to flooding because the water from your tank empties into an ill-advised soakaway bed. Such an installation may be improper or illegal. The drain field might need to be relocated, but site limitations could make that impossible when using traditional design. We can help you in most cases because there are alternative systems available.

Restroom Trailer

Restroom trailers are the perfect solution for outdoor events where comfort is required. Restroom Trailers offer a variety of features and ultimate comfort, unlike porta potties.  You’ll want to opt for our restroom trailer when you’re looking for the comfort you’d expect from a home restroom.

We offer restroom trailer rentals for any event.  Corporate customers can enjoy our clean restroom trailer while remodeling a location, or we can supply one for an outdoor wedding.  The event type doesn’t matter, what does matter is how nice, clean, and private the restroom will be.

We have all different sizes and setups in our restroom trailers.  ADA compliant with an easy to enter ramp is an option.

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Restroom Trailer
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Septic Jetting Services

Our septic services include water jetting from a portable, high-pressure machine with an adjustable nozzle that blasts a jet of water into the pipes and tanks to clean them naturally in the most environmentally safe way. The system works efficiently on your tanks and other components of your waste management system. Hydro-jet cleaning of your tank prevents future clogs, so your system is restored to peak efficiency.

Septic Pumping Beaumont

Commercial and Residential Septic Service

We provide both commercial and residential service for businesses, apartment buildings, and commercial property owners. The signs that your tank is full include:

Your toilet overflows.
The bathtub or sink won’t drain.
The yard smells like an open sewer.
The yard floods or has standing water, which is breeding ground for bacteria, insects and disease-carrying mosquitoes.
Your new system issues a warning alarm.

Contact us today if you experience any of these warning signs. It’s only a matter of time before you could find sewage floating in your yard or commercial property.  Remember we do offer emergency septic pumping for those situations.

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Our team offers regularly scheduled maintenance and emergency service. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends system inspections at least once every 3 years. [1] That’s a minimum recommendation. The system also needs pumping to remove the accumulated waste every 3 to 5 years.

We recommend scheduling regular service with us because different systems need different parts, and we can be sure to stock the common parts you might need. Yearly inspections can save you a bundle because it’s unlikely that your system will fail within a year’s time.

If you experience any kind of problem–such as smells, obvious leaks, and drain backups–your system might have a leak or other problem that needs professional attention. Human waste is dangerous, and a compromised system can release bacteria, phosphorus, and nitrogen into your groundwater. The cost of inspections and waste removal averages a couple hundred dollars a year for most families, but replacing your whole sewer system could run as high as $15,000–not to mention the cost of cleanup. [2]

Septic service near me

Septic systems need periodic inspections to catch leaks early. You can perform cursory inspections several times a year, but you also need to have your system inspected by a professional. Our team can prevent a host of potential problems that could result in thousands of dollars in damage.

If your system needs repair, look to us for one of Beaumont’s best septic cleaning companies.  We can handle repairs for most systems. We can also install a new septic tank and ensure that you choose the right size for your family’s needs and that the job is done right the first time.

Septic Pumping Beaumont

Many homeowners don’t want to know about the details of septic systems, but knowing some general information can help you make better decisions. We can eliminate the worry of maintaining your system, install a new system if needed and provide everyday maintenance tips to keep your system running at maximum efficiency.

Typical Septic Problems and Solutions
Septic Pumping Services

We believe in preventing problems even if that costs us money because we’re called on to make fewer repairs. That’s why we offer our customers valuable advice and tips on septic tank maintenance. If you experience any problems, contact us immediately to schedule local septic tank pumping. If you need a new septic system, we can help you choose the best option for your needs and handle the installation.

You can help to prevent septic problems proactively by reducing household water use.  Stagger your use of the washing machine. Throw trash away instead of grinding it in the disposal. Everything that goes down the drain winds up either in the septic tank or stuck in the pipes.  Food stuck in field lines mean calling septic system repair contractors.

You should never flush anything down the toilet except human waste and toilet paper. It’s especially important not to flush grease, oil, wipes, feminine hygiene products, diapers and other contaminants like cigarette butts and coffee grounds. Other tips for maintaining septic systems include:

  • Inspecting your home and property regularly–such as when the season changes–for signs of leaks

  • Determining the age of your septic tank because some tanks can be over 100 years old and need replacing

  • Keeping good records of all maintenance, service and pumping dates

  • Noting changes in ground conditions such as flooding or hydrostatic pressure that causes the tank to pop out of the ground

  • Disposing of garbage properly in trash, recyclables and even composting to prevent waste from going down the drain

  • Using aerators and low-flow nozzles to reduce water usage

  • Delaying use of the dishwasher and washing machine until you have a full load

  • Using low-sudsing detergents because heavy-duty cleaners can kill the beneficial bacteria needed to break down solid wastes

  • Flushing a box of bacteria down the toilet once a month

  • Storing and disposing of hazardous chemicals according to directions and local regulations so that dangerous chemicals don’t end up in your groundwater

Beaumont Septic

Getting the Septic Service You Need

We can answer your questions, schedule an inspection of your septic system or dispatch a team to deal with a septic emergency. If you notice flooding, terrible odors or drain backups in your home, it’s time to get professional help. We’ll inspect your system for damage and leaks, determine the cause of water backups and pump out the accumulated waste layer of sludge. There aren’t that many reliable companies that will deal with all kinds of crap, but Beaumont Septic does it enthusiastically.

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Septic Pumping

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Beaumont Septic has always been the top choice septic service provider in the area. It’s because of our excellent customer service, superb quality, friendly staff, and competitive rates.

We have decades of experience. Beaumont Septic provides outstanding sewer system services. We understand how costly it could be when the septic system acts up… So we do the job fast in the most professional way we can.

Importance of Septic Maintenance 

Sadly, many homeowners fail to realize the importance of maintaining the septic system. Of course, we couldn’t blame you. It’s something that you don’t see every day after all. Besides, what could go wrong, right? Without proper maintenance, however, the septic system could pose a big threat to your family’s health. Not to mention the fact that you could lose thousands of dollars for a septic system replacement.

Your septic tank needs to be pumped every couple years. There are many factors including the number of people in your home and daily water used. Since the septic tank deals with human waste, it is very important that the system runs properly all the time. If not maintained, solids will build up causing the tank to become clogged. It could even result to overflowing. Imagine all those wastewaters coming back to your drain? It’s not only disgusting, but hazardous, too.

At Beaumont Septic, you get to enjoy quality service coupled with a friendly bunch of technicians. Our team is exceptionally trained and equipped with the right information and skills. We’ll keep your system running smoothly and uninterrupted until your next maintenance schedule with us. All you need to do is to grab your phone and schedule an appointment with us and we’ll do the job in no time. We take calls 24/7!

Septic Pumping Near Me
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Here are some signs that show your tank needs pumping:

  • You notice an odd and disturbing smell coming from outside and even inside your home.
  • You notice that the flush doesn’t seem to work like it used to.
  • Your sink doesn’t seem to drain as fast as it should.
  • Your yard has standing water, especially around the absorption area of the septic system. Your bathtub doesn’t seem to drain the used water.
Septic Pumping Services

While the newer septic systems are equipped with alarms to let you know if it needs pumping, there’s still another type that won’t give you a signal. It’s basically the responsibility of the homeowner to monitor when it’s time to have the septic system checked. Remember that prevention is better than cure and when it comes to septic system maintenance, this is very applicable. Replacement could cost you thousands of dollars while regular pumping won’t.

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Septic Tank

Septic systems are the most expensive household fixture, so as a homeowner you definitely need to take care of it to extend the life on your on-site sewage system. A septic system can last decades or only last a few years depending on how you take care of it. Following these tips listed will protect your Septic Tank and reduce costs on septic services you will need in the future.

Be sure you get a Septic Inspection annually. You may end up saving money by doing this. If a septic professional does the inspection and finds you need to pump your tank less often than three years, then you can save money on septic tank pumping too!

Septic tank pumping is important! If you fail to pump your tank, solid waste can reach the drain field. You could be looking at a pump failure and need to replace your tank if you wait till you have a system failure to take care of your tank.

Keep a record of any septic tank services you receive. This will help let you know when your next septic tank cleaning is needed. Also, note somewhere in your log the septic system location. This will have to save time when the septic professional gets to your home.

Using less water will reduce the amount of wastewater created that your septic has to take care of for you. If you can save water, you will protect your septic system.

Always consult a septic professional if you are experiencing a septic problem. Don’t try to fix septic problems yourself. This can lead to more maintenance costs down the road.

Septic System

Septic Tank Installation

There are some things you can avoid to keep your septic tank in good health. Just like our vehicles, we want our Septic System to last forever because we spent a fortune on it. If you want your car to last longer you won’t constantly speed and jam on your breaks at every light you reach, that poor automobile wouldn’t last.

Avoid putting any fats, grease, fuel, diapers, egg shells, nut shells, coffee grounds, paints, chemicals, paper towels, tampons, condoms, or any other non-biodegradable product down the drain. The problem with these products is that they break down too slowly or not at all in your septic tank.

Avoid anything heavy on your drain field. When people park their cars or have livestock on top of these sensitive areas, it causes the soil to get compacted and damage septic pipes.

Avoid planting anything near your septic. Roots can damage your system.

Avoid building anything near or on it. Have your pool installed on the other side of the property.

Avoid any chemicals in your drains. Cleaning solutions like drain cleaners and paints kill the bacteria in your septic tank. These bacteria are needed to break your wastes down.

Avoid concrete, asphalt, and other materials to cover your septic system. These materials prevent oxygen from reaching the soil, and bacteria need oxygen to do their job in your tank.

Prevent any runoff water from reaching your Septic Tank. Any water from your roofs and driveways can bog down your drain field to the point it’s damaged.